April 2, 2013

the healing Arts


……..such beauty in this sound, so soothing……….




March 31, 2013


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” L.T. 

whenever you see someone lost in their own mind…remind them that they have a Heart. hopefully, then they will walk that road from their mind to their Heart…and when they do…they will find Home. but remember to be patient…each takes its own time to get there. be patient and love, love unconditionally…it’s the only thing you can do…

may we all reach Home and realize the magnificence of being the Ocean in a single drop and then see that this is so for all that surrounds.


March 27, 2013

“You can choose to see what destroys something or what saves it.”-  Fugitive Pieces

March 25, 2013

Sadhu, author unknown


the old man and the castle 🙂


sadhu 2, author unknown



March 21, 2013

drum poetry



                                                      Umbra, 24 mar 2013

                                                                    c.Crina Radu


March 18, 2013

we are one/coming home


We are ONE/Coming Home, c.Crina Radu, 17 mar 2013

~the two messages seem to have overlapped…it started with we are one, with a sort of axis mundi, a feeling of being connected to Earth and Sky at the same time and ended with a roaring call for coming home…don’t you just love painting? 🙂



March 17, 2013


“But the ultimate ideal is when the sword disappears altogether. The warrior embraces all around him. The desire to kill no longer exists. Only peace remains.”

“[…] a warrior’s ultimate act is to lay down his sword.”

never an act of violence is motivated by external factors or circumstance.  it is action, not reaction.


February 24, 2013

the Golden Age

the Golden Age of the Opened Heart

c.Crina Radu, 23 feb 2013 

“Shit happens. It may feel like shit, but it really is fertilizer.” O.Soleil

“chintesenţa înţelepciunii evăr” cum s-a exprimat bibi, draga de ea.  🙂

…and a fertile ground opens the possibility for this to grow and blossom: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” M.Th.

May we all reach this blissful state!


February 12, 2013

the Art of living III – letting go

The Winds of Change- the Wheel of Life

~ things will happen while they can…trust that everything is as it should be…divine/universal timing…you know- all that that you keep hearing 🙂

let go, live, enjoy, now- just words, or maybe lessons. if you feel pain, you did not get it yet.

things are- it is as simple as that. good/bad, wrong/right … those are colors that do not exist. let go of that as well. see further, see that everything has a cause and a reason.

words are just words, experiencing will make it clear.



ps: how you experience what you live is up to you alone…

becoming Yourself



February 5, 2013

celebration II

joyful celebration, Beethoven 9th, Karajan, 1977


tears of joy and tears of sorrow…they are equally part of Life, Mozart, Lacrimosa, Requiem, Celibidache

Wish: “Comprehending beyond good and evil
opens the way to perfect skill.
Experiencing the dissolution of duality,
you embrace the highest view.” 



today, I celebrate You